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These rules are applicable to their eyes were watching god summary all Skaters, Parents and Professionals representing the Mount Washington Valley Skating Club.

  1. Courtesy is expected at all times on and off the ice, be respectful toward other skaters, parents and professionals.A� Discourteous comments regarding any skaters, parents or professionals will not be tolerated.
  2. Students should check in and pay for the session if necessary before they get on the ice. A fee will be applied to the session fee if a walk – on does not pay before stepping onto the ice.
  3. All walk-on skaters must be members scientific abstract examples of the USFSA.A� Non-Club members must produce their USFSA membership card upon the monitora��s request.
  4. Food and gum are not allowed on the ice for safety reasons.
  5. No shoes allowed on the ice.
  6. Parents or other spectators are not allowed in the hockey boxes due to insurance regulations.
  7. Students and parents should not interrupt a Professional while the Professional is giving a lesson.
  8. During any skating session, skaters should be practicing and moving along the ice.A� Please do not sit or lie on the ice.A� If you fall, get up immediately (unless injured).
  9. Skaters will use the center ice and circles to practice all spins. A�A skater in a spin cannot move to avoid a collision. A�It is the responsibility of the skater moving toward the spinning skater to change direction to avoid a collision.
  10. For safety reasons, the ice monitor and the Board of Directors have the authority to remove a skater from the ice if their behavior or ability places the skater or other skaters at risk, regardless of level.
  11. Skaters and parents are advised that any abuse of the rules and regulations of may result in the skater being excused from the ice for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Any person aware of a violation should submit a written complaint to the Board of Directors.